There is no impossible work

You want us to do this so we will. For today we have, perhaps, the greatest working experience in providing the concert sound in Russia. And this is not just because we have been doing it longer than others, but also because we are always striving to try something new, something the latest and the most interesting.

Therefore, the Live-Sound Agency sound systems can be seen at all festivals, city celebrations, concert tours, government events and on television programs. Our works cover all musical genres and styles from the symphonic music to rock-and-roll and rave. You will find our equipment at the conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, restaurants, clubs and at the other venues. In other words, everywhere where you need to enrich the sound, regardless of whether you are, in Moscow, in Norilsk or outside of Russia. The Live-Sound Agency will always provide reliable and professional service.

Here are some of our works which we have done before and are carrying out now

— Alexey Savateev
Technical Director